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Menssage from Joel Arthur Barker

Every once in a while we all get to meet people who immediately impact our lives. I was lucky enough to meet José Refugio López. He sent me a message from México saying that he had developed a simulation game that strongly reinforced all the things I have said about the Power of Vision.

We arranged a meeting and he and a friend from Miami brought the Vision Web TM to a location at Disney World. There they took me through the process.

I was very impressed. It was simple. It was engaging. It absolutely demonstrated through actual, physical actions, the importance of having a clear vision which everyone on the team shares.

As a result, I have invited colleagues and collaborators to bring this great simulation game to the rest of the world. I think you will find it perhaps the single best starting exercise for getting your people to understand why they need to have a shared vision. I can't wait to see how quickly this becomes the tool of choice.

Thank you, José, for your great work!

Minneapolis, MN July, 2001